HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Had a highly risky sexual contact or exposure within the last 72 hours? Condom broke or leaked? Exposed to open wounds, cuts or abrasions? Worried about contracting HIV or risk of HIV transmission?

We can help.

HIV POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS or HIV PEP is the use of antiretroviral treatment and medication to prevent HIV infection after potential exposure to HIV. It is highly effective in the prevention or preventing HIV infection if started within 72 hours from exposure. 

Telok Blangah Clinic is a fully licensed medical clinic by the Ministry of Health Singapore.

HIV PEP Singapore

A high-risk exposure refers to any unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse, receptive oral intercourse with ejaculation with:

  • A partner known to be HIV-infected
  • High risk HIV group
    • Commercial sex workers
    • IV drug users
    • Men who have sex with men
    • Bisexual men

HIV PEP should be started as soon as possible after exposure up to 72 hours. The ideal time period to start PEP is within 24 hours from exposure, although it has been shown to be effective up to 72 hours post-exposure. The earlier HIV PEP is started, the more effective it is in preventing HIV transmission and infection.

The actual risk of HIV exposure is as follows:

Exposure Estimated Risks
Needle stick injury 1/300
Receptive anal intercourse 1/100
Receptive vaginal intercourse 1/1000
Insertive vaginal intercourse 1/2000
Insertive anal intercourse 1/2500
Receptive fellatio with ejaculation 1/2500
Sharing needles 1/150

Note that exposures to saliva, urine, tears and sweat are not thought to be infectious, and the risk of HIV transmission from splashes of contaminated fluids to mucosal surface or non-intact skin has not been accurately quantified.

This is a typical HIV PEP treatment process at our clinic:

  1. 1st visit
    1. Consultation – To determine your risk exposure and eligibility for HIV PEP treatment
    2. Baseline rapid HIV test – To ascertain that you are currently HIV negative
    3. Baseline screening blood tests – To make sure that your vital organs are functioning normally
    4. START PEP TREATMENT – Daily medication for 4 weeks (A combination of 3 antiretroviral drugs)
  2. Follow up visits
    1. 2 weeks (optional) – to review side effects and blood tests if necessary
    2. 1 month – Repeat HIV test and screening blood tests. Screening for other sexually transmitted infections (STDs/STIs) is also recommended even if asymptomatic.
    3. 3 months post-exposure – Confirmatory HIV and STD tests

For a private consultation with our doctors on whether you are a suitable candidate for HIV PEP treatment, please call us for an appointment. HIV PEP success rates are high and may very well save you from HIV infection.

For one month course of HIV PEP treatment, the cost is $2000 (excluding GST). HIV PEP Treatment is also available on a weekly basis at a pro-rated rate of $500 per week. Consultation fees and investigations are as charged per visit.

For more information on HIV PEP, please call 6250 5115, SMS 9818 1169 or email

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HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

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