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Types of HIV Tests available

A variety of HIV tests are available to provide the best available accuracy results. It is important to understand the one most suitable for you. The following table breaks down the types of HIV tests in an easy to understand format, based on the time from exposure. For more professional advice, you may consult a doctor with us.

Time from Exposure Type of HIV Test Time to results Price Remarks
Less than 3 days or 72 hours No HIV testing is available at this stage.

You may wish to consider HIV PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) if you have had a high risk exposure, i.e. unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker or high risk contact, or needlestick injury from a IV drug abuser.

HIV PEP was shown to be effective (>80%) in reducing risk of HIV infection when started within 72 hours from exposure.
10 – 14 days HIV RNA/DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test

Venous blood sample

1 – 2 weeks $600 HIV Viral DNA/RNA is detectable in the blood in as early as 10 – 11 days post exposure.

Recommended for high risk exposures.

Can be used for screening or monitoring of viral load.

14 – 28 days

(2 – 4 weeks)

HIV P24 Antigen/Antibody Combo Test (4th generation)

Finger prick blood test

20 min $120 HIV P24 Antigen is detectable in the blood in as early as 14 – 16 days post exposure.

Recommended by UK Guidelines in HIV Testing (2008) to be conclusive at 28 days post exposure.

More than 28 days

(> 4 weeks)

HIV Antibody Test

Venous blood sample

1 – 3 days $30 Results are ~ 90% accurate at 1 month post exposure
HIV Antibody Rapid Test

Oral saliva

 20 min  $50 Results are > 99% accurate at 3 months post exposure
HIV Antibody Rapid Test 

Fingerprick blood test

 20 min  $50

To get tested

You may walk-in to our clinic or set an appointment with us via phone (+65 6250 5115) or online. For walk-in personnel,  approach any of our friendly clinic staff and we will guide you through the necessary procedures.

Rapid HIV Tests (Suspected Exposure More Than 28 Days)

For suspected exposure to HIV more than 28 days later (> 4 weeks), rapid HIV tests are one of the most accurate and reliable ways to determine whether one has actually been infected. Results may be available in as quickly as 20 minutes. For pricing information and other remarks on rapid HIV tests, please refer to the table above (under the section ‘More than 28 days (> 4 weeks)’).

High risk exposures to HIV 

High risk exposures to HIV may include needle prick injuries with needles of confirmed contamination or sexual activity with a confirmed HIV infected person. In such cases, a HIV RNA / DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test using venous blood samples may be recommended to determine if one has been infected. HIV Viral DNA / RNA may be detectable in the bloodstream in as early as 10-11 days from suspected exposure. This option tends to be more costly than the other options because of the nature of the test. – HIV Test Singapore

1 – 3 days (72 hours) from suspected date of HIV exposure

At this point, no known HIV testing methods has been devised yet. If you have been subjected to a suspected high risk exposure, you may wish to consider undergoing a preventive medical treatment known as HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (HIV PEP). This treatment is typically done to prevent the HIV infection from occurring. HIV PEP has been shown to be effective in reducing 80% of HIV infection cases when administered within 1-3 days from exposure.

Get tested early – HIV Test Singapore

If you suspect you have been infected with HIV, do not be embarrassed to seek professional medical help. More often than not, people cringe at the idea of getting properly tested, sometimes out of fear of embarrassment. Getting properly HIV tested, however, is undoubtedly the right and responsible thing to do. Getting a legitimate HIV test from an accredited healthcare service provider is the critical first step to establishing facts. If one has not been infected, he or she may regain a peace of mind. If one truly has been infected, then appropriate measures and prompt treatment may be undertaken to prevent his or her condition from deteriorating. Having facts established in this case is also a way of protecting your loved ones from harm.

About Telok Blangah STD Clinic

Telok Blangah Clinic is an approved HIV testing clinic and fully licensed medical clinic by the Ministry of Health Singapore.

We provide comprehensive HIV testing / HIV Screening / AIDS testing / AIDS Screening services in a comfortable, private and discreet environment. Our doctors are experienced and well versed in testing and screening for HIV infection. We offer early and definitive testing for HIV / AIDS.

Female doctors are available via appointments.

We use the latest 3rd generation and 4th generation HIV rapid test kits. We offer HIV antibody blood tests, HIV antigen blood tests, HIV antigen/antibody combination blood tests and HIV PCR blood tests by accredited laboratories. Our HIV testing / HIV screening services are fast, accurate and confidential.

We also provide HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis / HIV PEP / HIV Prevention services within 72 hours from exposure.

For peace of mind, please call 6250 5115, SMS 9818 1169 or email We welcome walk-ins as well as via appointments.

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