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Telok Blangah Clinic, located just 3-5 minutes away from Telok Blangah MRT, offers HPV Vaccinations in a comfortable environment. Female doctors are available by appointment.

This page contains information on the human papilloma virus (HPV), HPV vaccines and costs of getting a HPV Vaccine. – HPV Vaccine Singapore

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What you need to know about the human papilloma virus (HPV)

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a virus that can cause cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancer in females, anal cancer in both males and females and genital warts in both males and females.

The HPV vaccination is used to protect against HPV-related diseases and cancers.

Our clinic offers both the 4-valent and 9-valent HPV vaccines which are approved for HPV vaccination.

The 4-valent HPV vaccination provides protection against HPV types 6 / 11 / 16 / 18 (the 4 most common HPV strains which accounts for more than 70% of cervical and HPV-related cancers and more than 90% of genital and anal warts).

The 9-valent HPV vaccination provides protection against HPV types 6 / 11 / 16 / 18 / 31 / 33 / 45 / 52 / 58.

There are more than 40 types of HPV that affect the genital area. Both the 4-valent and 9-valent HPV vaccines are the only vaccines that help protect against the types of HPV that are responsible for the majority of HPV-related cancers and diseases.

When should you have a HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine works best before starting sexual activity. If you ever have sex, you may still choose to be vaccinated but you will not be protected from the types of human papillomavirus you have already been exposed to.

The HPV vaccine is given as an injection. You will receive 3 doses of the vaccines in the following interval:

First dose: at a date you and your doctor choose

Second dose: 1-2 months after the first dose

Third dose: 4-5 months after the second dose

You are strongly recommended to complete all three doses to get the full benefits of HPV vaccination. If you miss a dose, your doctor or health care provider will advise and decide when you can receive your missed dose. – HPV Vaccine Singapore

Cost of HPV Vaccine

The 4-valent HPV vaccine costs $120 per dose, or $360 for a package of three doses ($385 with GST). (new pricing)

The 9-valent HPV vaccine costs $250 per dose, or $720 for a package of three doses (before GST). (out of stock for new patients)

NB: With effect from 1 Nov 2010, patients can use up to $400 per Medisave account each year under the Medisave 400 scheme to pay for HPV vaccination (Not applicable to the 9-valent HPV vaccine). You can approach our friendly clinic staff for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who might be affected by the human papilloma virus (HPV)?

HPV is a relatively widespread skin infection. Many patients affected by the virus do not have indicative signs of contact. The following groups of people, however, tend to bear a higher risk of getting HPV.

People who frequently change partners sexually – The more the number of partners one has sexually, the greater the risk of having HPV. Having sexual contact with an individual who frequently changes partners sexually may also expose one to greater risk of contracting HPV. The use of condoms may reduce the risk of getting HPV. Nonetheless, as with all infections, the condom does not offer 100& protection.

People with less robust immune systems – Individuals with weak immune systems may also be more susceptible to getting HPV. Weak immune systems may be because of HIV or AIDS related symptoms, or immune system suppressing drugs.

How is the human papilloma virus (HPV) passed from one person to another?

HPV may be passed via physical (skin) contact during sex. Sharing of sex toys that have been tainted by HPV may also result in one contracting the HPV. Less commonly, HPV may be passed from an affected mum to her child during childbirth.

Signs and symptoms associated with HPV?

HPV may cause genitalia warts to occur in some cases. In high-risk HPV infections (of the cervix), it usually does not cause any symptoms or signs. The way to indicate whether HPV is present is  via the Pap smear test.

Is HPV curable?

HPV itself may not be cured by medical interventions. In most cases (90%), the ailment is eradicated by one’s own immune system and goes away by itself without medication / medical procedures. While the virus may not be eliminated by medical interventions, HPV may be readily detected by unusual activity with the cervical cells – often caused by HPV. Suitable and prompt may prevent affected cells from escalating into cancerous cells.

Best ways to protect against HPV and cancer of the cervix?

If suspected of contracting HPV, getting a Pap smear test is the most logical and recommended approach to telling if one has actually been infected. Apart from suspected cases, sexually active women (or those who have had sex before) above the age of 24 should also have a Pap smear test conducted every 3 years.  For females who have already gotten a HPV vaccination, they are still recommended to go for Pap smear tests in the suggested time frame. Talk to a qualified healthcare specialist if one is unsure whether he or she is medically fit for a HPV vaccination.

– HPV Vaccine Singapore

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